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New York, NY - Earth Club is proud to announce that it has earned the exclusive designation as a Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprise™ (VBE) from the National Veteran-Owned Business Association. To be eligible for the designation as NaVOBA Certified VBE™, the applicant firm must be at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by one or more U.S. military veterans. At its core certification is a protection for both veteran-owned businesses as well as the corporations and organizations that do business with them.

Earth Club offers a range services, most notably, 100% Cold Press Juices, Tasty Meal Plans, nutrition coaching, and an overall lifestyle engineered for the superstar on the go. The fundamental belief is that everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life. The Clubs model is dedicated to helping people achieve that goal. There’s a few great things about the options the club provides and one is how easily identifiable meal and juicing options are. For Example, The Deliciously Robust + Surprisingly Sweet “Red” Flavor which ingredients include Beets + Ashwagandha is for heart health and blood flow therefore the color designation is red. Same as white for your bones and throughout EarthClub’s *color chart*, you’ll see more of that as well. The *subscription plans* for food and desserts seem to have some delectable options that are unique albeit packaged for practicality that you can literally open and eat while on the move. An additional benefit is simple meal prep, When you are hungry at home or at work, It’s lunch or dinner in container. Fresh or Warmed, it’s ready for Good Eating.


When asked about her new company Tiffany responded: "I am thrilled to be launching EarthClub and to be able to help people live healthier and happier lives. As a former veteran and minority woman, I understand the importance of taking care of your body and mind, With my team and years of training it’s exciting and rewarding to share my knowledge and expertise with others. Today and forever let’s participate in making the impact of a lifetime by taking care of ourselves. As my early customers put it, We are inadvertently focused on Doing Well By Doing Good.”

NaVOBA’s VBE Certification ensures the firms that receive contracts are truly deserving of the opportunity. Heather Herndon-Wright, Director of Supply Chain Diversity for Dallas-based Vistra Energy and a NaVOBA Board Director, said verification and validation of the ownership, control and management of suppliers participating in the company’s supplier diversity initiatives is critical to the integrity of Vistra’s efforts.

“NaVOBA’s certification ensures we are utilizing and developing companies that are truly owned, controlled and managed by the veterans we are endeavoring to support, and not front companies for non-qualified individuals or businesses,” Wright said.

“People can easily say ‘I’m a veteran-owned business’ when they really aren’t,” NaVOBA President Matthew Pavelek said. “Corporations will not risk the accuracy of their Supplier Diversity spending goals by recording spend on contracts with firms that say they are owned by veterans if they aren’t absolutely certain of the ownership, operation and control of that firm.

Working with a third-party nonprofit organization like NaVOBA and its VBE certification program provides that certainty.”

About Earth Club (EC)

EC is a Veteran + Woman Health + Wellness Company. A Partnership with Mother Earth to provide High Quality All Natural Meals Precision Engineered to Fuel Humans on the Go. The solution we provide is our ingredients are curated from the BEST stuff all over the world straight to your table.

Menu: Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses, Curated Global Eats