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Peaceful Purple

Peaceful Purple

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Peaceful Purple: Freshly-Brewed Lavender & Butterfly Pea Flower,AlkalineH2o, Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice, Raw Honey +Himalayan Sea Salt.

Immerse yourself in the soothing essence of Peaceful Purple—a harmonious blend of botanicals and wellness in every sip. Transform your hydration ritual into a sensory experience that nurtures both body and mind.

Key Ingredients:
• Freshly-Brewed Lavender & Butterfly Pea Flower: An exquisite combination of botanicals
   that lends a floral and visually captivating essence.
• Alkaline H2O: The foundation of purity, providing a clean canvas for the other ingredients
   to shine.
• Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice: Zesty and refreshing, cold-pressed lemon juice adds a citrusy
   kick that elevates the overall flavour profile.
• Raw Honey: Nature ' s sweet nectar, contributing a nuanced sweetness and enhancing the
   complexity of the elixir.
• Himalayan Sea Salt: A pinch of Himalayan sea salt introduces a subtle savory note,
   elevating the depth of the flavors.

How to Enjoy Lavender Bliss Elixir:

  • Mindful Moments: Sip and savor the elixir during moments of relaxation to enhance a sense of calm.
  • Hydrate with Flavor: Substitute your regular water with this flavorful elixir for a unique and hydrating experience.
  • Morning Ritual: Start your day with a refreshing burst of antioxidants and natural energy.

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