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Exotic Pink Pineapple Cup (EXCLUSIVE + CHOPPED)

Exotic Pink Pineapple Cup (EXCLUSIVE + CHOPPED)

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The Pinkglow™ pink pineapple has a delicious and unique taste, with notes of candy pineapple aromatics. There Is only 1 farm In Costa Rica who has successfully combined a Pineapple + Watermelon In the earth/soil. These Pink jewels of the jungle run for $50 a pop! Since we believe In making exotic + healthy + fun snacks convenient we created the Exotic Pink Pineapple Cup, you're welcome :)

Fun fact: It is also less sour than a traditional pineapple, juicier and sweeter in taste!

Whether you're a longtime fan of PinkGlow Pink Pineapples or discovering them for the first time, our website is your ultimate destination for all things pink pineapple. Explore our selection, place your order with ease, and get ready to indulge in a truly extraordinary fruit experience. Join us in celebrating the allure of PinkGlow Pink Pineapples and elevate your snacking game to new heights.

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